Kurukshetra 09

Kurukshetra 09


College of Engineering (Anna University), Chennai


21-24, Jan 2009

Event Details:

Kurukshetra 09

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” Well ours started with a single idea, a flash of vision. And then there was Kurukshetra…

A tribute to engineering – the religion that has us spell-bound by its potential and power. We set out to create a synthesis of engineering techniques, skills and thought processes, to revel in the joy of innovation. To create a stage, rather a battlefield for the exponents of various engineering techniques to showcase their skill, their stamina, their drive to win and to create what can be better for the engineering community as a whole. Not just a platform to parade one’s skills but a test of strength, a test of character, a test of will. And the name Kurukshetra practically chose itself.



  • Heptathlon

  • Online Programming Contest

  • Onsite Programming Contest

  • AI Game Dev

  • K++ – Think Open



  • Designer’s Quest

  • The Road Not Taken

  • Robotics – Line Follower


  • Autoshow

  • Inspiring India Exhibition


  • Dalal Bull

  • Business Plan

  • IDP

  • Marketing Guru

  • PD3


  • Aeromodelling

  • Autostyle

  • Contraptions

  • Rocketry

  • Rumble in the junk

  • Quiz

  • Business Quiz

  • Online Quiz

  • Open quiz

  • Scitech Quiz


  • Alcatraz

  • Electrowarriors

  • Innovate

  • Math Modelling

  • Megastructures

  • Prof Challenge

  • GodSpeed

  • Fun with Chemistry

  • Xtraktor

  • Fox hunt

  • K!dol

  • Cerebra

  • Avant Garde

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Kurukshetra 09

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