Chemclave 2009 - Symposium - IIT Madras - Chemical Engineering Society (ChES)

Chemclave 2009 – Symposium – IIT Madras – Chemical Engineering Society (ChES)

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Chemclave 09 -Symposium – Chemical Department – 6th to 8th March
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, Tamilnadu
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Here, at the Chemical Engineering department of IIT Madras, we celebrate ideas, we worship the boundless capacity of the human brain and we believe in innovation. Thus, our annual celebration, Chemclave is not just a department festival. It is the annual celebration of the spirit of chemical engineering.

At Chemclave, we provide that vast canvas where budding chemical engineers from all over the country can meet, and apply their minds, to a plethora of creative pursuits. We offer a series of events that bring out the chemical engineer in you and that spark of brilliance that exists in everyone.

Starting on 6th March 2009, Chemclave would be an opportunity for students from all over the country to come together and compete at various events, a place where they can exchange ideas, collaborate and learn through lectures and workshops. So, join us at Chemclave, and help CHEMPOWER the future!


6th to 8th March 2009

Events include:

Workshops on petroleum engineering and alternate energy.


More information can be had from:
ChES Convener
Dr. S Ramanathan +91 44 2257 4171
Branch Counselor
Sushmit Goyal +91 9940386880
Industry Relations
Vivek Vattipalli +91 9884032820
Jayanth Mantri +91 9884831796
Creative Design
Aditya Gopi +91 9791177626
Technical Affairs
Mohd Saad +91 988403266
Technical Affairs
Sivaraman Ramaswamy +91 9840241419
Cultural affairs
Anurag Nallapati +91 9840213033
Cultural affairs
Anusha K P +91 9884020098
Ajay Singh +91 9840245150

Chemclave 2009

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