Kurukshetra 2010 – The Battle Of Brains,Technical fest,20-23 Jan, CEG, Anna University-Chennai

Kurukshetra 2010 – The Battle Of Brains,Technical fest,20-23 Jan, CEG, Anna University-Chennai

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Kurukshetra (20-23, January, 2010) ‘The Battle of Brains’ is the International Techno-Management Festival of the College of Engineering, Guindy. Kurukshetra is the first student-organized event of India to be bestowed with patronage from UNESCO, and comprises of a number of events, workshops and guest lectures by some of the top-people in the world of science and technology


Ranging from out-n-out fun to ‘strictly for geeks’ stuff, events at Kurukshetra offer anything and everything for the hungry minds that prowl the campus during the four day fest.Here is a sneak preview of some of those


We offer a myriad of robotics events ranging from autonomous and manual events to complex ones based on image processing and artificial intelligence.


Management oriented events at Kurukshetra are primarily aimed at inculcating a keen business acumen in students. Some of the ones to mention are Dalal Bull – an online stock market simulation, Business Plan – ideal platform for wannabe entrepreneurs to make it to the big league.

Programming and Computer science:

The Programming events at Kurukshetra will be a feast to the real the coder in you and have events ranging from online coding to open software development. Apart from this, AI Game Dev – an event for AI enthusiasts, K++ – Open source software development and K! MAD – a mobile software application development event, are definitely events that a computer aficionado should check out.


The Quizzes at kurukshetra, right from the K! Sic Quiz to the Open Quiz have become permanent fixtures on the Indian Quizzing Calendar. And the puzzle events are a favorite with all those logical thinkers who love solving things the analytical way.

GodSpeed – an IC engine car race, Alcatraz, AeroModelling  are some of the noteworthy events on Kurukshetra!

To know more about events, go to http://kurukshetra.org.in/events/

Guest Lectures: Every year, Kurukshetra features thought-provoking lectures by an array of extraordinary personalities, known for their eminence and eloquence. This year, we have the founder of C++, the father of Grid Computing, a scientist from CERN and some of the top guns from the world of Business, as part of our lineup. To check out this years list of personalities, go here – http://kurukshetra.org.in/lectures/

Workshops:Apart from the events which would be the prima materia, the workshops at Kurukshetra provide hands-on experience with expert guidance from stalwarts, which sets them truly apart from the rest. This year, we have workshops on 3 D modelling, cloud computing apart from fun stuff like The Science Behind Magic and Know your Bike. A list of workshops @ Kurukshetra 2010 – http://kurukshetra.org.in/workshops/

XCEED: A precursor event to Kurukshetra, we bring the action to a centre near you, through Xceed. With regional rounds happening in prime cities in the country featuring robotics events and the regioinal final of the K! Business Quiz, winners will have the chance to compete for the all india championship. Loads of Prizes up for grabs!! For more updates check out http://kurukshetra.org.in/xceed/

K! Conclave

This Kurukshetra will witness a unique conclave on the theme “Envisaging India – Towards the dream of a brighter tomorrow”. Through this confluence of some of the best and brightest leaders in India, we hope to address the various issues that play a vital role in our quest for true progress. Look at this space to know more http://kurukshetra.org.in/conclave/

Exhibitions: Amidst all the action at Kurukshetra, exhibitions are unique avenues of learning that awaken a sense of keen interest in the minds of the audience. We come up with an impressive set of exhibitions that are aimed at reaching out, not only to the avid student or professional but also to the common man.

For queries and further details, feel free to contact us at


or  Vasu P – 97886 54350


  1. teendudes

    December 1, 2009

    Waiting for Kurukshetra….!!!

  2. kutty

    December 1, 2009

    ready for the battle………… lets meet out…….

  3. kumar

    December 4, 2009

    Scholarships for Engineering,Science and Management Students. The scholarships worth of Rs6,00,000/- will be given to the winners of “TechStar-2009” which is a National Level Paper Presentation contest conducted by Honeypot IT Consulting Pvt Ltd., in association with Jawahar Knowledge Center(JKC),Institute of Electronic Governance(IEG), Andhra Pradesh Govt. The initial part of the event “submitting papers”, will be online through http://www.betechs.com The later part ,paper presentation will be held in Hyderabad. For complete details, please visit http://www.honeypotit.com and http://www.betechs.com

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