Kurukshetra'11- Feb 2 to 5 - Annual Techno-management Fest- Feb 2-5- Anna University, Chennai

Kurukshetra’11- Feb 2 to 5 – Annual Techno-management Fest- Feb 2-5- Anna University, Chennai

About Us

The techno-management fest of CEG, Kurukshetra true to its tagline, “The Battle Of Brains”, has become synonymous with the yearly clash of the best of the student world. With around 15,000 participants from over 300 institutions spanning 75 countries, the diverse crowd is one of the factors that make Kurukshetra such a resounding success.



Welcome to the Riddles of the Sphinx: Version 5.0, the official online web hunt of Kurukshetra. The event which has attracted massive participation over the years is all set to take you on a virtual hunt through the world. The event will focus primarily on testing your lateral thinking abilities and of course your googling skills. If you are the kind of person who boots up the system before you pick up the toothbrush or takes a crack at ‘The Hindu Crossword” before going through the supplementary magazines, this is your home ground. For the lesser mortals, fear not, for this event has only two pre-requisites: Infinite enthusiasm and infinite patience. Fun Unlimited!

Contact us:

Karthik Balaji                           +91 99414 40725

Niranjan                                   +91 90031 73350

Aditya Bandla                           +91 99629 22483



So did the chicken come out of the egg or the egg out of the chicken..?? Don’t panic. Questions at ENIGMA will not be so confounding. But they will tease and torture the grey cells in your brain. So, what are you waiting for? Pick a pen and paper and start solving. Let’s see what you have got.

Contact us:

Manjunath                                +91 9940014458

Dhavaprathap                         +91 9944899744



Cross Site Scripting, SQL Injection, Buffer Overflows, Form data tampering…. and so on. If you believe yourself to be a hacker, then grab yourself some chow, exercise your fingers and get ready to pick your brains for one of the most adventurous hacking competitions ever.

PS: “Hacking is what transformed programming from a mere engineering form to an art.”

Contact us:

Sebas Sujeen +91 97918 38637

Sailesh Mukil +91 99403 57909



Programs are bound to have bugs and programmers must be sound enough to kill the bugs’ error. Update your header files, initialize your variable skills, define your functions, compile your thoughts, link your views, and execute your ideas.  Think you are up to it? Are you one of those gifted few who can spot a bug like the eagle does a mouse? Why doubt when you can find out !

Contact us:

Kathirvel                                  +91 89390 69839

Pavithra                                   +91 90033 09312



At Kurukshetra, we add to that the stimulation of being pitched against some of the brightest programming minds in the country. We give you a realm where the boundaries between possibility and impossibility blur. Come taste the satisfaction of one of the most delightful competitions of the year. Compete against some of the astute programming minds to experience nail-biting tension and the ecstatic joy of being ‘in the zone’ while coding.

Contact us:

Joy James Prabhu                  +91 94880 24730

Bhavadharini K                        +91 80560 80129



With its ever-increasing reputation of being one of the most entertaining and toughest quizzes of the quizzing calendar K!Open Quiz is one event you wouldn’t want to miss. So, get ready to pit your wits against the best in the business. And with the reputed quiz master Dr. Navin Jayakumar in charge, a thoroughly entertaining quiz is on the cards. Dust up those quiz books and brush up your fundas.

Prize money over INR 40,000!!

Contact us:

Venkat                                                 +91 99415 89934


The K! Biz Quiz this year is one event to mark in all of your calendars.  The All-India round as well as the corporate round will be hosted by the renowned quiz master Mr. Gopal Kidao. This year will also see the trend of the Bangalore and Hyderabad editions of the college business quiz continuing, with the winners in each city qualifying for the National College Finals in Chennai.

Prize money over INR 40,000 (Corporate category) and INR 30,000 (Student category)!!

Contact us:

P. Deepak                               +91 74116 49303

S. Ashwin                               +91 99949 04913



The inevitable rush of adrenaline, the spine-tingling suspense keeping you at the edge of your seat…Experience all this at GodSpeed – the event for racing aficionados.  All you have to do is get your IC engine powered Radio Controlled buggy on the multi terrain track and set your racing spirit ablaze.

Prize money over INR 30,000!!

Contact us:

Balasubramaniam B +91 96772 41505

Gopinath N.K +91 99426 06906



The event where a seemingly simple task is performed with so many twists and turns that it could very well be called the Chain Reaction of engineers. Here you need to prove your mettle by unlocking your imagination and building the most complex structures on the foundation of elementary engineering principles to perform a task. Keeping in line with the past editions, present Contraptions guarantees the participants to characterize brilliance also take it a step further into the future. Enough of holding your fire….Let your multifaceted brains to fly like a FALCON in the sky of Engineering.

Prize money over INR 30,000!!

Contact us:

Ranjith Kumar.E                       +91 97898 57622

Gowtham.C                              +91 96001 28024



Kurukshetra’s Travelling Bot Problem is all set to redefine the famous NP hard Travelling Salesperson Problem!!All you have to do is to design a manually controlled bot that explores a maze to where the hostages are and then traverses the shortest path to reach them.

Prize money over INR 30,000!!

Contact us:

Athma Narayanan                   +91 99626 69021

Siva Shankar                           +91 90034 22369




Do you love anything related to colors, lighting and wildlife? What do you do every time you see a bird or an animal in close quarters? Do you freeze enchanted? Or do you swipe the camera from its cover to capture the image instantaneously? Then this Kurushestra workshop is tailor-made just for you.

This three day workshop is a great intro into the fascinating world of photography. Join professional photographer Ms. Rathika Ramasamy as she shares her insights on how to make photographs that convey a powerful sense of the place, capture the essence of a fauna and flora or a rare moment. Get ready to take out your camera and go wild….click…click…click!!

Contact us:

Nithya A Renganathan              +91 97905 47549

I.Gowrishankar                         +91 99521 34056

E.Aravindan                             +91 94433 30240



Feel piqued by the mechanism behind those quirky floating crafts? We have the right recipe to quench your curiosity! Conducted by renowned experts in the field, this workshop is sure to enlighten you on the theory behind these amphibians. And following the tradition of Kurukshetra workshops, there’s the usual hands-on session to judge how well you have understood the basics.

Contact us:

Harish Kumar P            +91 99520 52606

Naggappan R               +91 99441 11259



At Kurukshetra, sky is the limit-not just figuratively but also literally. This year’s K!arnival will feature an exhibition on India’s indigenous Global Positioning System (GPS) and working structured models from Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Sriharikotta. Hop on to the Arms exhibit, organized in association with the Chennai Police to check out some of the marvelous, sophisticated weapons with the Chennai Police Commissionaires. The professional laser show with animated presentations, beam effects choreographed to a musical soundtrack and theme filling the atmosphere with dazzling animations and colorful image sequences has been one of the highlights of Kurukshetra. Also, lined up on the cards is Ghost Riders–a bike stunt show for all the motor bike addicts to grab their hard hats, riding gears and go whroom, whrooooom….!!!


Peter Andreas Grunberg, the German physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2007 for his discovery of giant magnetoresistance will demystify the mysteries of field of magnetics to the physics buffs. Mr. Leslie E. Robertson the creator behind the structural design of the Shanghai World Financial Center, the World Trade Center (New York), the United States Steel Headquarters (Pittsburgh etc. will deliver a talk on his invaluable experiences. At K’11, we celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship – the one that makes one embark on an adventure akin to cruising on the high seas with eminent and experienced entrepreneurs sharing their stories. This year Kris Gopalakrishnan, CEO and MD of Infosys Technologies, Ajit Balakrishnan, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Rediff.com and Kal Raman, the Indian Born CEO and founder of GlobalScholar.com will allure the audience with their talks. Also a video lecture by Tarun Khanna , the Jorge Paulo Lemann Professor at the Harvard Business School (HBS) is on the agenda.

Website :  http://kurukshetra.org.in


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