Android Workshop - 6 & 7 September 2012 - Warangal Institute of Technology & Science, Warangal - EISystems

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September 6, 2012 9:00 am
September 7, 2012 5:00 pm



Topics to be Covered

  • Introduction to Open Source
  • Introduction to Android Technology
  • Structure of Android applications
  • Understanding Manifest
  • Working with Activities
    • Creating Skeleton Application
    • Using XML based layouts
    • Using Basic Widgets
    • Using Selection Widgets
    • Using Fancy widgets and Containers
    • Applying Menus and Fonts
    • Embedding the Webkit browser
    • Showing Pop-up Messages
    • Dealing with threads
    • Handling Activity Lifecycle events
  • Data stores,Network services and APIs
    • Setting Preferences
    • Accessing the Files
    • Working with resources
    • Managing Local Databases
    • Communicating with Internet
  • Intents
    • Create Intent Filters
    • Launching Activities
    • Introspection with action
    • Handling Rotation
  • Content Providers and services
    • Using a Content Provider
    • Creating a Content Provider
    • Managing Permissions
    • Creating and Using the Services
    • Creating alerts with notifications
  • Advance Operations with Android
    • Accessing Location based Services
    • Mapping with MapView and MapActivity
    • Handling Telephone calls
    • Searching with Search Manager
  • Telephony and SMS
  • Audio , Video and using the Camera
  • Project Discussion on Android

  • Duration – 2 days 6-7hrs per day
  • Deliverables to students after the conduction of workshop
    • Software toolkit to each participant will be delivered free of cost
    • Training material(eBooks)for each participant
    • Authorised certification from EISystems as Certified Android Developer -Level1(ECAD-1)
    • EISyslife card for every participant.
  • Internship and funded research
    • EISystems look for bright techominds who will be considered for internship under our experts
    • Interns can also expect a funded research project from EISystems Services.

Rules & Guidelines 
    • Come with atleast 1 laptop with them having Windows XP/ Seven installed on it only/
      Participants having other OS may need to use VMware for
      this purpose however installing of this Vmware will be the sole responsibility of
    • Remove any antivirus software program installed in their laptops, sometime it happens
      that software which we are going to install during workshop(list given below) has been
      treated as malware/virus by these antiviruses, so it is recommended to clean system
      registries also, if any file remained there during automatic unistallation process.
    • To have little bit awareness of Object Oriented Programming concepts.
    • To have a prior knowledge of JAVA programming.
    • Install following softwares in your laptop before coming to workshop to reduce
      installation timing before starting of workshop, the name of softwares are given

      • Java Development Kit 5 or 6 or 7
      • Eclipse- Jee helios – SRS- Win 32
      • ADT Plugin
      • Android SDK
    • In case of finding problem in downloading these software, they can download it from
      the links available at undergiven website and follow the instructions for installing
      process from here.
  • The cost of registration is Rs. 800 per head and to be paid on spot.
    Register here.

Phone Helpline
086-5006-5006 (24 hours Online Query Redressal)

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