Chemfluence 13 - Chemical - Feb 27 to March 1 - A.C.Tech Anna university - Chennai

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February 27, 2013 9:00 am
March 1, 2013 12:00 am


CHEMFLUENCE is an annual national technical symposium organized by department of chemical engineering, A.C.Tech Anna university that aims to provide platform for the confluence of industrious chemical engineers all over the nation to pool in their resources,share their collective insight and find path breaking actionable solutions to the most daunting problems of the field. Chemfluence tries to foster the quality of intuitively approaching problems, seeing them in context and providing them a strong and analytical solution attacking it at grass root level.Using this as yard stick we organize a slew of events that help the students look beyond their curriculum and discover ideas, solutions and problems so that they may be one day purveyors of innovation and progress in our society.

      The theme of this years symposium is SUSTAINIBILTY. Everything about Chemfluence13 is about ‘synergizing to sustain’. This years edition has in store new types of events to trigger our grey cells and to initiate the movement of sustainability for a greater good.


ChemE Paper

Chemfluence’13 provides a covetous platform where students from all over India present their novel research topics in front of
pioneers of Chemical engineering. This event is still considered the brand event of Chemfluence since there is an immense welcoming amongst great minds. 

Miraculous transformations happen here on stage!!

Participants may present their papers pertaining to the following topics whilst making use of the theme of the year-Sustainability:

  • 1. Transport Phenomena 
  • 2. Chemical Reaction Engineering
  • 3. Process Control
  • 4. Process Modelling and Simulation
  • 5. Heat and Mass Transfer and Thermodynamics
  • 6. Nanotechnology
  • 7. Chemical Process & Equipment Design
  • 8. Fluid Mechanics
  • 9. Biochemical Engineering
  • 10. Environmental Engineering

chem e poster:

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

This event gives an opportunity to showcase innovative ideas, technical skills regarding chemical engineering and other its allied discipline. Poster is the visual presentation which provides a quick and convenient way to present your research ideas. The important criteria for a poster are that, it must be self-explanatory, visually appealing and easy to read and comprehend.

Topics suggested:

  • Fluid mechanics
  • Separation techniques
  • Heat transfer and thermodynamics
  • Energy engineering & alternative fuels
  • Nano technology
  • Role of chemical engineering in life science
  • Recent trends of chemical engineering

Working model  Dryer

Problem statement
To design a multipurpose dryer capable of drying various wet samples (muddy, slimy and sludgy) . In the given time frame of 10 minutes try best to remove as much moisture as possible with the air supply that will be provided by us.

Design criteria-

Model should be within 40x40x40 cm dimensions.

Use of electricity is not permissible.

It should have inlet of 2inch diameter and outlet of 1inch diameter.

Manual intervention is not allowed.

Judging criteria-

  • Design of the model(simplicity and uniqueness)
  • Cost used
  • Amount of moisture removed 


A never before event to tingle the engineering skills in the students!

This is an event inspired from largely watched television program.

Registration happens on spot. Participants will be given a surprise problem statement along with the required materials for its implementation.


Starting from zilch to zenith participants are expected to construct and fabricate a useful technology from junk provided. This is the real time application of sustainability ideas.

Technology: Recycle!Reuse!Recreate!!



CEFA 2K13 – 

Ever fancied to build your own empire of unique business?

Take the first step here at CEFA-Chemical Engineering Fun&Funda Assured!! This event ideates the students to evolve into entrepreneurs by having them to work on building  Techno-business model of equipment/process plant/unit operation in a never before efficient way in the market. This time CEFA is all new, built with a view to create a sustainable technology and increase awareness about eco-friendly processes.

Enjoy the polymathicexperience !!! know and let others know!!!

ROUND 1: online qualifiers questions involve situation based action to which there will bemany answers what went wrong type testing their design knowledge

ROUND 2: SURPRISE (it will be mostly a reactor design with virtual money and whole reactor balance for particular product to each finalist)**


Bharatvaaj – 8939064927
Hariharasudhan – 9791529511


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