EmbedX - Embedded systems Workshop - February 2nd & 3rd Mumbai

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February 2, 2013
February 3, 2013
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Are you looking to Learn Embedded Systems..?

Get Trained Hands-On in Projects with our 2 days hands-on Workshop EmbedX

EmbedX is a 2 day introductory training course / workshop that demystifies and simplifies embedded systems and gets you programming microcontrollers and building projects on your own. The Workshop is designed around Arduino.

What is Arduino?

Arduino is a open-source prototyping platform that simplifies the process of getting to build projects on your own. With an increasing number of users, its becoming the platform of choice for students to get started with embedded systems. Its so simple to get things going that you would be up and doing your projects in no time.

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Duration: 2 Days

– Rs. 6500/- for upto 4 members in a team [Training fee + Kit Cost +Applicable taxes]
– Rs. 5000/- for upto 2 members in a team [Training fee + Kit Cost +Applicable taxes]
– Rs. 3500/- for a Individual [Training fee + Kit Cost +Applicable taxes] /b>

What does the Fee Cover?

– The fee covers training costs, applicable taxes and if applicable, kit cost only. The fee does not include food, accommodation or local transport.

Kit Contents
– InduinoX [Arduino Atmega328 Clone Board]
– USB A-B Cable
– IR Remote
– LCD Shield
– 16x 2 LCD display


Course Contents – An overview of the Sessions

  • Introduction to Embedded Systems
  • Introduction to Microcontrollers & the Arduino Platform / Software Installation
  • InduinoX Board Overview
  • Getting your Hands Dirty With Programming – Simple Programs
  • Working with Digital I/O’s & Serial Communication
  • Building a Simple Project – LED Binary Counter
  • Working with Analog Outputs – Controlling RGB LEDS
  • Working with Analog Inputs – Sensors – LDR [Light Sensing]
  • Working with a LCD Display
  • Building a Simple Project – Automatic Lighting Level Controller


  • Working with Simple Wireless Communications – Working of IR Remote Controls
  • Intermediate Project – Interfacing an IR Remote to control – Controlling the Binary Counter
  • Advanced Project – Controlling the RGB LED’s Colors with the IR Remote Control
  • Fine Tuning the Project
  • Q &A Session

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