InstillDesign Workshop - IT Prasthan 2k12 - Rajeev Gandhi Memorial College of Engineering and Technology IT Symposium - Mar 8 - 9 - Andhra Pradesh

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March 8, 2012 9:00 am
March 9, 2012 5:05 am


Instill Design is a thought transpired into a mission to educate students from various domains and fields about the importance of design. This doesn’t necessary influence young generation to change tracks and pursue a design career. The underlying aim is to educate, motivate and inspire young minds to view the world we live in from a more educated and informed perspective. To guide students from diverse backgrounds make a more educated career choice.

InstillDesign.Org aims to drive the design message to students pursuing any discipline by penetrating deeper into educational institutes across all regions. We set out to do this by conducting design related events, workshops festivals regularly and instill design values gradually. We encourage all professionals and students who are spirited to drive the message forward by leading in conducting workshops, giving talks and lectures, sharing about their experiences and world views on design.

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