NIRAL 2013 - IT - Feb 25 & 26 - College of Engineering,Guindy - Chennai

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February 25, 2013 8:00 am
February 26, 2013 6:00 pm



NIRAL 2013 is a national level technical symposium conducted by Information Science and Technology Department(IST) of College of Engineering,Guindy .Its a two day event. Its one of the prestigious event conducted by CEG .Get ready to experience the extravaganza on February 25th and 26th this 2013 …..!!!!!

For more details visit :
To Register:
Srinivas – 8754413693



Here is a list of rules and regulations (that are strictly not to be broken!!) for the events.

Registration will start by 8:30am


A person can participate in more than one event and please see to that the timings of your events don’t clash!  There is no  restriction on the numbers of teams that can participate from the same institution.

Brain Bashers – Brain Twisters

Get ready to have your brain tangled!

  • Maximum of two members per team.
  • There are totally two rounds

Prelims- Objective type questions will be asked.

finals- Perform Multi Tasking.


Bulletin – Paper Presentation

Do you have a repository of ideas and seek for the right forum to stage it? Then here is the right chance to give life to that spark of technical innovation in you.


Topics :

1.Red Tacton


3.Cake PHP

4.Connect Online Connect Offline

5.Machine Learning

6.Neural Fuzzy Networks

7.Big Data Analysis

8.Future Programming Concepts

9.Mobile Ad hoc Network

10.Piracy Control in Digital Media

11.Speech synthesis for indian languages

12.Chip Reverse Engineering

13.Green IT

14.Cache Policies



Topics relating to information science and technology which are not listed above can also be presented.

Maximum of two members per team.

8+4 minutes (8 minutes for presenting & 4 minutes for questioning)

Participants should submit both their Abstract and Paper in IEEE format.

Soft copy of papers to be sent on before 18th February 2012 to along with the following details in PDF format. (Subject field of the mail should be ABSTRACT – your_paper_title [Eg. ABSTRACT – Piracy Control in Digital Media]). (Paper Title, Participants Name, Department Name, Institution Name with Address, Participant’s Mobile No. & Mail ID)

Papers will not be accepted after 18th February 2012.

Finalists will be intimated on or before 20th February 2012 in the Website & through Mail.

The selected team should bring 4 hard copies of their paper and soft copy in CD, Pen drive or any other portable storage devices.


CODE GURU – Coding

Do you have the programming geek inside you? Are you always ready to accept the programming challenge put in front of you? If the answer is yes, then codeguru is the event for you.

Maximum of two members per team.

There are totally three rounds

  • Prelims – Objective type questions related to C,C++,Java & Data Structures.
  • Prefinals – Debugging, Problem Solving and Simple Code development.
  • Finals – Developing a small application.

Mr.DBA – Database Administrator

DBAs like to immerse themselves in the bits and bytes of technical solutions and learn all there is to know about the DBMS we use. 

Maximum of two members per team.

There are totally two rounds

Prelims  – Objective type questions related to DBMS.

Finals  – based on a scenario, candidates will be asked to write the sql queries and finalist will be selected on the test data outputs.

Tools provided : ORACLE 10g, MySQL 5


Geek Inside – Technical Quiz

Nerds or not, you need brains. That’s all and no.42 that matters. Dive in to general stuff, progresses to computer related jargons and ends up with a major brain freeze and hand full of goodies..

  • Maximum of two members per team.
  • There are totally two rounds

Prelims  – Participants will be tested on their technical skills.

Final – on stage.


Graphic Blaster – Multimedia Presentation

Are you a creator? If the answer is yes, and you are here to bring something new into us, graphic blaster gives you the chance to present your wild imagination in a controlled and distinguished way.

Maximum of two members per team.

There are totally three rounds

Prelims- prepare a multimedia presentation (short animation movie) on basis of their own ideas.Maximum duration of the movie : 10 minutes

Prefinals- Questions will include the common concepts of multimedia graphics and design.

Finals- prepare an animated advertisement on the spot.

Participants should bring their own laptop(s) installed with the multimedia software tool they need.

The participants have to send the details of the Software(s) / Tool(s) they will be using and a brief description about their movie on or before 20th February 2012 to

Participants are asked to bring their presentations along with their Laptop(s) on 25th February 2012.

Questions will be asked about the method of Implementation of your movie.


I SPY – Treasure Hunt

Do u think you have those primitive traits of cave man left in you, then come here to go on a hunt for treasures instead of animals.

Teams should comprise only of four members.

Students of different institutions can also pair up to form a team.

On the spot registrations are welcome. However, the participants can also register online. Registrations will be on first come first served basis.

Prelims will be conducted.

The teams selected from the prelims will be ready to hunt for the treasure throughout the campus.

Teams shouldn’t seek help from outsiders, if found any, the team will be disqualified.

Volunteers will be placed at strategic locations to help the participants.

Mobile phones are not allowed during the hunt.

The teams will be provided with a route map of the premises.


Funky Junk – Junk Art

“Creating the best out of waste” – those who can think in this direction for them this event proves to be the best opportunity. Our aim is to create best out of waste.


Two participants per team.

A topic will be given to each team on the spot on which they have to come up with and execute an artistic craft which would represent the topic in an apt way, by using the junk materials.

Materials should be brought by the participant.

Time duration: 75mins.


OPEN HACK – Hacking

Hacker explores the intersection of art and science in an insatiable quest to understand and shape the world around him. Welcome Mr. HAXXOR shapes the world around you!

Maximum of two members per team.

There are totally three rounds

Prelims – Objective type questions related to ethical hacking.

Pre-finals – Objective type questions related to ethical hacking

Final  – real time hacking.



AD-ZAP aims at testing a team’s advertising and presentation skills. It will check the management and oratory skills of the participants. It is an event for all those who have the ability to cast a spell on buyers.

Three to six participants per team.

There are totally three rounds

Prelims  – design a poster with a LOGO and a TAG LINE for the given topic.

Pre-finals  – present the poster prepared in the prelims.

Finals – On stage.

Each team has to give their own “TAG LINE” for their product

Once the topic is allotted for a team, changing or swapping it is not allowed whatsoever the case may be.

The participants should bring stationary items for poster making.


Web Master – Web Designing

It was the fact that “Google Homepage is designed by those who didn’t know HTML!” But it has been the top used site today! Show up your designing capability to turn the world on you!!!


Maximum of two members per team.

There are totally two rounds

Prelims – Objective type questions related to HTML,
DHTML, CSS & Javascript.

Final  – design a website.

Tools provided : Dreamweaver CS5, Photoshop CS5, Fireworks CS5, Flash CS5.

Usage of HTML 5 & CSS 3 is advisable.


Word Voyage – Dumb charades

Test your knowledge with this WORD VOYAGE! Follow some steps and use your brains to win prizes.

Maximum of three Minimum of two & Maximum of three members per team.

There are totally three rounds

Prelims – Aptitude questions related to Computer Science & Information Science and Technology fields.

Pre-finals – Mixed questions related to images, caption of companies and inventors using PowerPoint slides(Computer Science & Information Science and Technology fields.)

Finals – Technical terms is given to one member of each group. One member acts and others have to find the answer on stage.

All questions will be from Computer Science & Information Science and Technology field only.

GAME ON – Gaming

Virtual Reality has reached its top notch with the latest gaming hardwares.



Maximum of 4 per team.

There are totally three rounds

Prelims: Single player races will be held for all registered contestants .

Pre Quaters,Quaters,Semis : Knockout fashion with 2 players .

Finals : 2 Contestants will play one on one against each other.

The I and II places will be awarded.

Participants can bring their own controllers.       



Only individual participation is allowed.

There are totally two rounds

Prelims: Each player will play one on one with their assigned opponents.

Finals: Top 2 Players will play the final against each other.

Joystick will not be provided.
Participants can bring their own joystick, if needed.

The I and II places will be awarded.

Flash games

Individual Event.

Winners will be selected based on their high score .


Googly – Googler

Googler is to find the master of modern search .

Individual Event .

There are totally three rounds

Prelims: You will be provided with 15 images .You need to find the appropriate keyword that will list the image in the 1st page of the google search result .

You will be provided with 10 images .It contains 2 sets.

Set 1: Will contains android apps logos . You need to find the application name in the Google Play .

Set 2: Will contains screenshots of webpages . You need to find the website that contains the webpages .

Surprise,it will be lots of fun,atleast for this you should reach the finals .


Cyber Quest – Online Quiz

This online event challenges you to solve the toughest of computer science questions using the best of your knowledge, programming aptitude and ability. Test your cyber knowledge with this Quiz!

It is an individual event.

There are totally two rounds

Prelims: The prelims will be conducted online on Niral’s Facebook Page on 19th and 20th February 2013.

Finals: It will be conducted in the CEG campus on 26th February 2013 .

Timing : 6 – 10 pm on both the days.

25 % Technical and 75 % non technical questions will be asked.

Its a 2 day continous event,your points from day 1 will be carried out to day 2.


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