Karyon '12 - Techfest - Delhi Technological University - Biotechnology - Feb 13 - 15 - New Delhi

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February 13, 2012 9:30 am
February 15, 2012 5:00 pm



Karyonis the annual technical fest organized by Department of Biotechnology, Delhi Technological University.

Karyon, meaning the nucleus in Greek, characterizes an atmosphere charged with acumen and dedicates a concrete platform for tomorrow’s rainmakers and technocrats. The events see fierce and intense competition for the top draw. This year, Karyon is being organized from 13th-15th February, 2012.

Karyon 2012


Synapse – Student-Industry Interaction
A gathering of industry stalwarts and students. Students get to interact with achievers and people who have carved a niche for themselves, above the mundane.
Guest Lectures – Invited Scientific Sessions
A scientific session including special invited Guest Lecture by few of the most prominent people from the scientific community.
Cod(e)on – Bioinformatics Programming Challenge
Dealing with the various simulated impediments in C/C++ coding. Not just another programming slugfest with debugging outlines, it takes you to the next level of source code development and implementation.
Bionica – The Quizzing Extravaganza
A quiz with an extra tinge of biotechnology, it’s not just another questionnaire routine but a brainstorming session that would require some real head banging. It’s a matter of digging deep into one’s mind, to identify and connect various clues and images and get the answers.
Quill Skills – Technical Paper Presentation
A technical paper presentation event which provides platform to the budding biotechnologists to showcase their research finding and make their mark in the scientific community.
Candere – Open House Debate
Heard enough of people’s bickering? Want to make yourself heard? Then Candere provides the perfect stage for you. An off-the-cuff open house on a random topic pertaining to current affairs is all you have to do. Just speak up your mind.
Grey Cells – The Aptitude Challenge
If you believe you can think off your feet and swiftly, put your skills to test in our unique aptitude test. Combined with mind-boggling puzzles and such, it’s a treat for those seeking a cerebral experience of a different kind!
For more details, you can visit our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/Karyon2012


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