Total Tech Tour 3.0 - Tech Fest - March 20,21,22 - Sanghvi Institute of Management & Science - Madhya Pradesh

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March 20, 2012 10:00 am
March 22, 2012 7:00 pm



Sanghvi Institute of Management & Science, Indore(M.P) Proudly Invites you to the 3rd Annual Technical Festival organized by the School of Engineering (SOE).
This festival is organized in order to celebrate the spirit of Engineering and for budding engineers in response with technical knowledge and to polish their skills in technical environment.

List Of Events

A2 (ART ARENA) – A picture is worth more than a thousand words so adjust your lenses, focus the theme and click for the best panorama.

B2 (BOB-D-BUILDER) – We bring you the challenge to design a bridge over a valley to showcase your designing skills using Popsicle sticks (ice-cream sticks), tooth picks, white glue and thread which can sustain maximum load, satisfying the stated constraints.

C2 (CUBE CONFERENCE) – (CS/IT):- Students will present research papers on topics provided by experts. The papers to be submitted in advance will be screen by a review committee, which will then call the selected participants for final presentation.

(EC):- National Conference on Computing and Communication for Engineering Application 2012 is an initiative by SOE SIMS for those students who have knowledge in specific field and are keen on presenting technical papers.

(CE):- SOE SIMS Indore is providing a platform for those students who have keen knowledge in civil engineering. Field and want to enlighten civil engineering religion by participating in Cube Conference (Paper Presentation) in the prestigious campus.

D2 (DESIGN DEN) – Bring out the Picasso within you by showing us what you want to say about “India-2012”. The event involves showing your budding artist using a conversion of colors and master strokes by transforming the white fabric into vibrant colorful delight. 
A revolution is here to stay….SIMS calling…

E2 (E-GAMING ELITES) – This national event is dedicated to all e-gamming fans out there. It will be a technical competion where individuals or teams will battle it out for survival. Features such as COUNTER STRIKE, SMACK DOWN, NFS and SOCCER; that will enhance the competitive spirit in participants and prizes worth Rs.20000 can be won. NO ENTRY FEES FOR GIRLS.

F2 (FACE-TO-FACE) – The talk show will be a good platform for students to interact with eminent personalities on a technical subject.

G2 (GUTS-N-GLORY) – This mega event take a tough trial of physical, mental & psychological abilities of the candidates with full loaded fun and ground activities, The three days show thoroughly gives a challenging time to all the teams. They have to perform daring task and also cultural activities.

I2 (INTELLIGENT INCEPTION) – In this era of high technology just think a day without computer, so here is an event that you are surely going to enjoy and at same time will help you to explore your computer based knowledge, may be hardware or software.

J2 (JUNK JOCKEY) – We brings you the challenge to design a transmission tower using STRAW and CELLOTAPE, satisfying the stated constraints.

K2 (KARIZAMATIC KEN) – “Fun with Electronics” is the motto of Karizamatic Ken. This event is organized to check the knowledge of budding engineers in ECE department. It would be a fun filled and learning session for all participants and audience.

M2 (MANNEQUIN MATCH) – The event will encourage designing capabilities and presentation skills of students from various engineering institutes. This includes:
1. Core CS, IT technical projects (working projects are not compulsory).
2. Ideas from all other branches and domains are also included (Ex:- economical, environmental issues, etc).

P2 (POTENTIAL PROFS) – Potential Profs is the event in which the students are judges for their way for teaching and presentation on the subject given to them it shows their presentation skills and confidence on topic provided.

Q2 (QUIZZING QUEST) – The event targets for picking one intellectual talent raised on shear knowledge of current culture and general awareness as well as aptitude -both general and technical. The event goes through interesting quizzical rounds with traditional quizzing awareness

R2 (ROBO RODIES) – There are following 3 rounds.

In R2 Robots having dimensions 25x25x25 cm are to be used, no pneumatic and hydraulic robots will be allowed.

T2 (TRIED AND TESTED) – This event will try to rule out the technical aptitude out from the young brain, as well as their drafting and fabrication skills are concerned. The students will have to show their drawing as well as workshop abilities with precise and accurate work performance. 

W2 (WORDS WAR) – This is a debate competition which is a broader form of argument. Then a regular argument, the participants will be judged on the basis of their speech construction, body language and presentation.


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